Lorry, Ambulance and Car with Trailer Driver Training in Aberdeen

LGV Training Lorry

  • Class C1 – LGV up to 7.5T
  • Class C1+E – LGV up to 7.5T & trailer
  • Class C – LGV over 7.5T
  • Class C + E – LGV over 7.5T & trailer

Car & Trailer Training

B + E PLG vehicle up to 3.5 GVW + trailer

PCV Training

  • Class D1 – Mini-bus
  • Class D1 + E – Mini-bus & trailer
  • Class D – PCV Bus/Coach License

Driver Assessments

Driver assessments are carried out to your specific requirements; they can be undertaken in any of the above listed classes and are very commonly used by companies when recruiting new staff or when any current staff cause any reason for concern. Such assessment can be tailored to the customer / driver concerned, and in our experience can be very useful if a driver has had an accident or for insurance companies.

SAFED Tuition

SAFED is an essential and very valuable driver development course, consisting of assessment and training for HGV drivers. It aims to improve the safety and fuel efficiency driving skills of LGV drivers.

By driving the SAFED way, drivers are recording an average MPG improvement of 10.2%, which can be translated into a financial saving of £2170 per driver, PA.

Have a look at our training vehicles, here.

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